Welcome to my corner of the web! I’m a Project Management Professional (PMP) and tech enthusiast, with a soft spot for anything that makes life easier and more efficient.

My approach is shaped by a belief in continuous learning, a curiosity that knows no bounds, and a proactive approach to enhancing every aspect of life. If you're into project management, just starting with citizen development, or curious about tech's role in our lives, this site is for you.

This is where my love for project management and citizen development comes alive. Think of this site as a place for me to share the insights and experiences I've gathered from both fields. Here, the focus is on how project management strategies and the latest in tech, like AI and low-code/no-code development, can come together.

My aim? To help you achieve more by doing things better and faster. I'll cover everything from productivity shortcuts to the effective use of Microsoft tools. Additionally, I'll introduce you to new tech that can upgrade both your work and personal life. You can look forward to deep-dive tutorials, reviews on the latest productivity tools, real-life success stories, and a genuine desire to pass on what works.

The opinions and information provided are my own and do not reflect the views or policies of my employer or any other organization. Although I make every effort to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, technology platforms are constantly evolving. Given this, please refer to the official documentation provided by the respective platforms

Life Outside Work

I’m proud to be part of UnityPoint Health, an industry leader in the Midwest and one of the nation’s most integrated health systems. With over 10 years of experience in project management, I’ve not only led pivotal projects but have also embraced the future of project management through AI and automation. My journey took a significant leap forward when I obtained my PMP certification in December 2020, followed by a promotion to Senior Project Manager. I’m an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and previously served as a volunteer director on the Board of the PMI Central Iowa Chapter.

My introduction to citizen development took off during my regular day-to-day work, stumbling upon the Microsoft Power Platform. My curiosity led me to explore its capabilities, particularly Power Automate, which quickly became an integral part of my toolkit. My passion for low-code/no-code and artificial intelligence is at the heart of my work. These technologies are transforming the way we work and hold the key to unlocking new possibilities.

Key Highlights:

  1. Microsoft Power Up Program: Being part of the 5th cohort was a game-changer, deepening my skills with the Microsoft Power Platform and reinforcing my commitment to using technology to boost efficiency. The Power Up program is a three-month guided curriculum with self-paced learning, hands-on labs, instructor-led sessions, and more to help citizen developers build key skills in low code to advance their careers.

  2. PMI Co-Building Program: As a volunteer and proud co-builder of PMI Infinity, I contributed to the development of this new groundbreaking AI-powered assistant for project professionals. PMI Infinity is a platform that uses Generative AI to support project managers in their work, providing improved project outcomes, professional development, and overall organizational efficiency.

Hi there!
I'm Wesley Erickson.
My Path: From PMP to Citizen Developer

Behind this digital persona is a real-life family guy. Home is in Des Moines, Iowa, with my better half and our two little ones, ages 3 and 1. They keep life exciting and remind me every day of the joys and challenges of being a parent. They provide endless entertainment, occasional sleep deprivation, and a crash course in the true meaning of patience.

There's also another dimension to my life that I cherish deeply – soccer. Having played competitively through college, the sport has instilled in me the values of teamwork, dedication, and resilience. Lessons that significantly influence my approach to work and life. These days, I'm an assistant coach for the boys' varsity team at my alma mater, coaching alongside close friends and former teammates. This experience allows me to pass on the invaluable lessons of soccer - teamwork, resilience, and pushing limits. Go Maroons!

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I’m on this journey to rethink how we work, using technology to do things better and faster. If you’re interested in joining me, let’s get in touch! Whether you have a question, want to share something, or just want to say hi, I’m here.